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Polygraph Expertise BENEFITS

The methods used are designed, tested and validated in the U.S., through a practice that stretches over more than 100 years.

The Methods are :

  1. Legal
  2. Non-violent

The Methods DO NOT :

  1. Injure the life and physical Integrity, Security of person
  2. Affect the Honor and Freedom
  3. Affect the Dignity of the person examined

The Methods DO :

  1. Defend the Innocent
  2. Restore and protect the Rights of Victims
  3. Reflect the Letter and Spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Polygraph examinations are successfully applied by using their scientific potential only with mentally and physically healthy subjects, that have not suffered physical or psychological trauma.

It is the only scientific method that investigates directly the information stored in the memory of the subject, very stable information in time and inaccessible to the normal means of investigation.

The examinations undergone offer scientific conclusions based on the fundamental laws of psychology an physiology.

The method of Transparency and Neutrality of the examiner, also the confidentiality of the examinations, allow the tested subject to free himself of any prejudice in connection to his examination, and of any external sources of stress. As such, a sincere cooperation is ensured, free of any restrain, in favor of the solving of the case being examined.

The results of the usage of the detection methods for the simulated behaviour are not affected by the passing of time, so that no matter how long it has passed since the perpetration of the investigated events, the subjects" reactions will be as powerful as they were in the first day.

Polygraph Examinations can be adapted to any punctual situation being practically necessary only 2 main conditions, such as:

  1. The existence of a fact or a concrete cause 
  2. YES/NO questions 

Polygraph Examinations, unlike other means of research and investigation of judiciary or extrajudiciary type, represent an operational and efficient solution.

The polygraph examinations may identify the cuantum of the created prejudices, and many times the conclusions of analyses communicated to the subject being examined in the post-test discussions, lead to the admisssion of the fact and to the recovery of the prejudices caused.

By performing the examinations, employees understand that the management has at hand a means by which, in any moment, the potential prejudices they created can be identified, therefore the method in itself is a Powerful Preventive Factor.

It is obvious that, by conducting polygraph examinations, the prejudices and their authors are revealed, the suspected employees that are loyal and fair to the companies are eliminated, prevention is reached and finally a Stable and Efficient Business Environment is achieved.

Polygraph examinations by their finalization on one hand, identify people that created moral or material prejudices, and on the other hand, they reestablished the Rights of the Prejudiced People.

In a company polygraph examinations lead to the Establishing of the Truth, to the solving of the suspicions and of the conflictual situations, and by revealing the degree of fairness of the employees, premises are formed and they create a climate of trust and formation of a united and efficent team. Obviously, polygraph tests are done for the purpose of revealing the prejudices caused by employees, but equally lead to their end or drastic reduction.

Taking into account that almost always, in case of commiting prejudices, there are many suspects and a few authors, polygraph examinations eliminate from the circle of suspects the Fair and Honest People, who do not have any connection with the cases being investigated. By doing this, on one hand, there is an act of justice towards the Honest Employees, and on the another hand, a Fair Connection is established between the Employee and the Employer.

The results of polygraph examinations concluded mainly in identifying the prejudices, their authors and their modality of operation are the basis for the configuration of Security Systems for the purpose of improvement of internal procedures, that will prevent from happening in the future.

Correctly administered, polygraph examinations invariably lead to the Identification of Internal Intelligence Leakage of Companies, to the identification of authors, and represent a prevention for the future. By the professional manner, the way the laboratories' experts approach the tested subjects, the testing method is an Educational Factor of the work force in the spirit of their fairness and loyalty towards the employer.

Through polygraph examinations a protection of goods and assets of the investor is done, but equally a protection of the employee is achieved, against ungrounded suspicions, preventing from the arbitrary measures that prejudice both the investor and the employee.

Through polygraph examinations a Fair Personnel Policy is achieved, for the benefit of the society, by promoting the criteria of Value, Honesty, Fairness and Morality, eliminating arbitrary and subjective decisions regarding staff.

Polygraph examinations ensure a Fair and Efficient Management that implicitly lead to the strengthening of the relation between employees and the employer.

Statistics reveal that, financially, the costs for the polygraph expertises are minimum in relation to the earnings achieved by these.

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