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Activities THEFT / FRAUD Activities !

  1. Theft of goods or money 
  2. Falsification of Documents
  3. Transfer of Confidential Information
  4. Intellectual Property Theft
  5. Organizational Integrity Assessment
  6. Identifying Risk Factors, Incompatibility with Organizational Integrity
  7. Employment Tests
  8. General tests, periodically checking the correctness of employees to the company


In recruiting the personnel, in screening CVs for possible employment, a little over-appreciation of the candidate to fill a position is understandable, it is his desire to manifest his interest in the opportunities they get of being hired in a company, a social phenomenon that belongs to human nature.

The Polygraph Expertise has a major contribution in allowing the employer :

  1. To outline a number of vulnerabilities in the Candidate"s Past  
  2. To discover certain state of character that are not listed in any CV
  3. To declare possible criminal conduct that was completely unknown until examination

The real problem in this area is to find the information that refers directly to the candidate's behavior, in other words, a "Negative Behaviour"

  1. Previous convictions 
  2. Drug or alcohol abuse
  3. Thefts from the previous places

This type of "Negative Behaviour" for a company that is not aware of such activities, becomes important in maintaining the proper organizational climate.

The Polygraph Expertise can protect the company of such "risks", which besides negative monetary effects, also mark human resources deeply,and future internal conflicts/tensions are expected shortly after that.


Applicability in this field is almost complete, the target is any type of sports competition:

  1. Sports contests of any kind
  2. Compliance with Regulations
  3. Use of Prohibited Substances
  4. Conspiracy between the two opposing teams
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