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Since the formation of human society, one of the most relevant factors in the family core has been the CONFIDENCE.

This attribute can turn into a Negative Social Phenomenan, with a complex and high level of stress that in the worst cases, could lead to Behavioral Deviations.

Such phenomenon is undesirable for people from all social strata and a modern and democratic system.

The service offered by the POLYGRAPH TEST SOLUTIONS Laboratory, is that of a Polygraph Expertise, that is leading to the rebuilding the trust between partners, in relation to various issues regarding the HONESTY of Related Partners.

The Polygraph Expertise is accessible to Individuals for the following situations:

  1. Marital fidelity
  2. Thefts
  3. Physical and Psychological Abuse
  4. Loss of Property or Money in the family
  5. Checking Sincerity of Claims
  6. Any other situation involving a person"s honesty
  7. Gambling Addiction
  8. Consumption of Banned Substances
  9. Clarification of Defamatory Allegations
  10. Proving the Veracity of Allegations
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