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Company Description


The Computerized Lafayette POLYGRAPH Lx 5000-sw, called correctly the Truth Detector, is in the property of company, and represents a technology that will help you investigate a specific event and find the truth in order to resolve the issue at hand.

This technology is considered the World's Most Advanced Polygraph, manufacturer by Lafayette Instrument Company USA, which is the leading manufacturer in the production of polygraph machines.

Another technology, that is for the first time offered to the general public in Romania, is the Scientific Lafayette Subject Chair, model 76870 V.A.S.F.

The main mission of the Company POLYGRAPH TEST SOLUTIONS is to promote/support the Romanian economic market, Assessment Procedures using the polygraph examination.

The company Authorized Polygraph Laboratory owns the most advanced technology in Romania, imported directly from the world leader Lafayette Instrument Company (USA), through the only authorized representative in Romania, SC Venus 2000 Impex.

The main factors that support the company"s mission, are under the dome experience of the countries with an advanced democracy, where Private Polygraph Laboratories were set up shortly after their introduction in the Police or Intelligence Services, offering Objectivity and Professionalism to the public.

The Romanian society is expanding and aligning to development with the high standards of the developed countries, and such service is an important necessity of human society, respectively the general public and their ability to access them.

The primary fundamentals underlying services offered by the company POLYGRAPH TEST SOLUTIONS, are shaped by these 3 golden principles:

  1. To provide High Professionalism, Objectivity and Privacy!
  2. To target both Individuals and Companies of any private system/state!
  3. To provide Timely Services, recognizing that the service that comes too late is not a service !

Certifications, Acquisition Documents, and other Relevant Items can be found described in great detail on the company's web site.

Best regards and Highest Consideration!

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