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How to choose an  Polygraph Examiner in Romania ?

In Romania the Polygraph Testing Profession is accredited by 3 National Structures by providing the following types of Licenses.

I. National Qualifications Authority

  • Assessment and Certification Center: Euro Poligraf Center
    Certificate of Professional Competence: Polygraph Expert
    Occupational Standard: R-70

II. Ministry of Justice under Law 488/2002 and O.G. 75/2000

  • License of Forensic Expert in the detection of simulated behavior,  for examiners who work in the justice.

III. Psychologists College of Romania

  • Practice Certification with Gradual Competent in judicial psychology, detection of simulated behavior.

1. Contrary to the public"s belief, the Polygraph does not measure the following:

  • Nervousness 
  • Anxiety
  • Excitability 
  • Attitudes 
  • Personal beliefs 
  • Future Behavior
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

2. It is advisable to know the following aspects about the Polygraph Examination:

  • The Examiner must present the competency certificates 
  • It is your right to ask about the operating permit of the lab
  • It is your right to request a proof of graduation from a school or a Recognized Polygraph Expert Course.
  • In Romania the only format approved by the state bodies and the justice is the Polygraph Expertise
  • The institution which provided training and qualifications for the Polygraph Examiner is very important
  • The Polygraph Experts are not born extraordinary, they are constantly monitored and guided by the professional elite of the industry

3. What type of specific equipment is used in Polygraph Laboratory ?

! At the international level there are 4 major manufacturers of Scientific Polygraph Instruments, namely:

  • Lafayette
  • Axciton
  • Limestone
  • Stoelting
  • The most popular and sold technologies at the internationally level, are the ones produced by the Lafayette Instrument Company, which are required by both, private and non-private polygraph examiners.
  • The Polygraph, from a constructive standpoint, it can be divided into 2 categories, namely:
  1. Analog Polygraph Machine
  2. Computerized Polygraph Machine

4. Nowadays, the Most Advanced Polygraph Technology is the Computerized Lafayette Polygraph LX-5000-sw.

  • POLYGRAPH TEST SOLUTIONS Laboratory, owns such an advanced technology and provides polygraph examinations, only with this type of scientific technology.

5. NO PERSON should be forced to take the polygraph test !

6. Polygraph testing is NOT ON TV !

! Polygraph testing is done only in an Authorized Polygraph Laboratory, which includes 3 basics:

  1. A Polygraph Expert
  2. A Subject of examination
  3. Strict confidence

7. All aspects of the case under investigation are "buried" in the laboratory, they will be known only by the Polygraph Expert and the subject being examined.

8. Unfortunately, today we see in various media environments, many people with respectable professional status, expressing with ardor and vehemence that they know how a polygraph examination is conducted. 

9. Do not misunderstand ! Everyone has the right to his own opinion, it is quite normal in a democratic state, but to sustain strongly that you know what you're talking about, on a profession that you are not qualified to practice, leaves a big question mark on your professional selfunderstanding.

10. In other words, the problem is actually very simple, namely:

  • If we want a professional opinion regarding a Polygraph Expertise we call a Polygraph Expert !
  • If we want an informed opinion on a Medical Problem we call in a Doctor !


We can rightly say, that any professional status regardless of the field, involve a lot of work, effort, cost and years of hard training, but what ennobles aprofession is respect.

! It is a shade so fine !

! Respecting the Professional Status of others is synonymous with respecting yours.

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