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Romanian Polygraph Expert -ETHIC CODE !


The Code of ETHICS & CONDUCT sets standards for ethical conduct, principles and rules which are mandatory for the Polygraph Expert.

The rules covered by this Code relate both to the private and professional life in order to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of the polygraph expert's work.

The general rules and principles that relate to a moral conduct apply retroactively at a personal level, and those specific to the profession will apply from the moment of acquiring the right to free practice of polygraph expert profession.

This Code of Ethics applies to all Polygraph Expert in Romania (recognized nationally and/or internationally). Upon accession to the code, polygraph experts will participate in its implementation and take measures to deter, prevent, report and correct any unethical behavior.

The Code of Ethics identifies the fundamental moral values of private and professional life of a polygraph expert.

Fundamental moral values of privacy and the underlying business activities are highlighted by identifying the following 10 PRINCIPLES :

1. The INTEGRITY principle requires the Polygraph Expert to be a person with no criminal record, against whom no charges have ever been laid, whose credibility, reputation and integrity have never been questioned and whose work is characterized by Honesty, Fairness and Morality.

2. The RIGHTS & DIGNITY principle of each person, states that the Polygraph Expert must show respect for other people"s feelings, experiences, knowledge, values, ideas, and opinions.

3. The RESPONSABILITY principle requires the Polygraph Expert to take responsibility for all actions and their consequences in private life.The Polygraph Expert will not engage in activities contrary to international humanitarian law (terrorism,racism,torture, etc..).

4. The LEGALITY principle requires that the Polygraph Expert is not allowed to work outside the legal framework and may become a qualified person for this job by obtaining the certificate of professional competence, which gives him the right to free practice in accordance with Romanian National Laws.

5. The TRUTH principle requires the Polygraph Expert to believe in the truth and nothing but the truth, both in work and social life.

6. The INCORRUPTIBILITY principle states that the Polygraph Expert must not solicit or accept payments, gratuities, favors or gifts intended to influence opinion, decision or report. He must not steal, cheat, commit fraud or distort the results of the examinations in any way.

7. The FORMALITY principle states that the Polygraph Expert must conduct the official work, respect all legal provisions governing the registration and custody of (requests for review,contracts,surveys), and methodological provisions on registration and examination data, archiving (personal data sheets oh the subjects,medical records,declaration of consent to examination,the minutes for refusing examination, test questions, test charts).

8. The PARTENESHIP & LOYALTY principle requires that the professional Polygraph Expert to work with other experts in order to achieve permanent professional development, while showing respect, fairness and good loyalty to colleagues. The Polygraph Expert must permanently promote Objectivity, Honesty and Good Faith in his work.

9. The RIGHTS & FREEDOMS principle states that the Polygraph Expert is required to respect the terms of employment, the rights and freedoms of citizens enshrined in the Bill of Rights (granting the presumption of innocence,the right to be informed,right to privacy,freedom from discrimination based on race,ethnicity,religion, sex or sexual orientation,the right to accept or refuse testing, etc..).

10. The CONFIDENTIALITY principle requires the Polygraph Expert to keep all information confidential information obtained from work with customers, people examined, colleagues and clients/subjects and colleagues. The Polygraph Expert must keep all documentation of the examined cases (documents,diagrams,statements,records made during examinations), in a safe place and ensure that no unauthorized persons are allowed to access them.


The Polygraph Expert is required to develop professional skills through continuous information, through participation in training programs, specialized courses, symposia, seminars, consultations with other specialists or scientific researches.

In view of the employment at a high level of professionalism, the polygraph expert should be healthy both physically and mentally, not tired or preoccupied with other collateral issues. If these conditions are not met,the polygraph expert is required to cease operations by complete recovery.

The Polygraph Expert must not, under any circumstances, engage in any form of verbal, non-verbal, sexual or emotional harassment of the subjects being examined.

The Polygraph Expert receives his fee from the salary or the reliability provided by the management of the companies or institutions in which the experts work.

The Polygraph Expert must not make, publish or provide for publication, intentionally meant any false or misleading information in connection with the activity or occupation of the polygraph expert.

The Polygraph Expert must not provide information about people who believe that the polygraph technique could be used, voluntarily or involuntarily, in order to harm others.

The Polygraph Expert should wisely choose the people to be professionally trained to become polygraph experts, and must assume full responsibility for it.

The Polygraph Expert must take full responsibility for the public statements or information provided to others.


1. The Code of Ethics requires rules to be obeyed by the polygraph expert in conducting his business.

2. The Polygraph Expert must conduct his work according to the occupational standards, the Polygraph Methodology and Code.

3. ThePolygraph Expert must not conduct a polygraph examination if he has reason to believe that it is made contrary to law.

4. ThePolygraph Expert must choose their own tests and examination methods, and they are solely responsible for the facts and consequences of his actions.

5. The Polygraph Expert must ensure that, under any circumstances, the consent is given by the subject and he is not under the conditions of pressure, threats or blackmail.

6. The Polygraph Expert must not include in any polygraph examination questions about activities, religion, political or racial beliefs, unless they are relevant in the case being investigated.

7. The Polygraph Expert must not provide a firm diagnosis when psychophysiological records do not support it. (they are not conclusive or qualitative and contradict the subject"s behaviour).

8. The Polygraph Expert allow the examinee to motivate and explain responses to relevant questions.

9. The Polygraph Expert should not provide any report or opinion regarding the medical condition or psychological examination, unless it is necessary to do so. It is however possible to describe the appearance or the examinee"s behaviour. Polygraph test results are strictly based on the polygraph chart.

10. The Polygraph Expert must not provide intentionally or allow someone else to provide false or misleading polygraph reports. Each polygraph expert must be Concrete, Impartial, provide a description of the information developed during examinations and the polygraph expert"s professional conclusions must be based on an analysis of polygraph charts.

11.Polygraph Expert must be confidential regarding the data obtained from the polygraph examinations that are unrelated to the case being investigated and related to that person's privacy.

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